less than two hours in, this took the biscuit for “what the fuck” of the year.
(something that is to be a weekly feature here)
i’ll start at the beginning…
we went to wifeys sisters for new years eve, which is becoming tradition. nothing wrong there, in fact it was better than usual, mainly due to sister in law. she works in a care home, and usuallly over the festive period she works new years day, but not christmas day. they have a kind of unwritten rule that if you have kids thats how it goes. those with children get to spend christmas day with them, those without get to go out new years eve and have new years day to recover. makes sense. however, she worked back to front this year, and as i commented on the night, you can’t really have a great deal to drink at home on christmas eve, as people don’t tend to stay up late, as they fear getting woken up by the ankle biters at a ungodly hour the next morning. i know we do!
so to say that she hit the bottle with an untamed vigour is quite the understatement! she was steaming! she started on lager, moved to wine, then finished everyones midnight champagne for them, then moved onto baileys!
fortunately for us she decided to turn into “happy drunk”.
i also got the chance at just after midnight struck to give camie vog and auntie jackie a ring to wish them happy new year. unfortunately i got answer machines at both! AJ did ring me back though, and wished “ya’ll a happy new year” what a voice! like treacle! yummy! ahem, back to the plot.
dinners had already rung me in a kind of pre-emtive strike on the off chance that he wouldn’t be fit enough to press the digits at midnight. (he did ring me back later#) and to those that didn’t get a phone call, thats only cos i don’t have your numbers! sorry. not my fault!!!
but i digress….
we said our farewells and piled into mum in laws car. (she was on call. again). it must have been around 1:30/1:45am and we were near the bottom of sister in laws road when mum in law says “did you see that?”
a chorus of “what?”‘ came back at her…
“a little kid, stood at the side of the road”
“no, really” she pulled over. wifey jumped out, “come on mum”
“sod your mum, i’m not letting you run around here on your own” not that it’s that rough an area, but at that time in the morning….
sure enough, there he was. 18 months, maybe two years old. jumper, jeans and barefoot. “mummy kitchen”
“what you doing here at this time of night” asked wifey
“mummy kitchen” said the kid, holding out his hand.
wifey took it, and he immediatley started to drag her across the road. the very one we, and a coouple of taxis had just come down. the taxis at a considerable faster rate than us.
“where is your mummy?”
“mummy kitchen”
he seemed to know exactly where he was going so wifey kept hold of his hand and we followed. up the street, into a ginnel* between two houses, and round to a back yard, where the security light came on, and some half cut young girl came out of the back door.
“oh, hello, do you know who this child belongs to?”
“what the fuck? where you come from?”
“is he yours?”
“yeah, ****was supposed to be watching him, he knows i come over here”
all this said with fag in hand, and can in other. carrier bag of booze strung over arm, the house behind full of allsorts of life, and a rather sweet smelling smoke eminating from within.
“where was he?”
“down the road, on the other side of the road. he took my hand and led me here” said the wife. it was obvious from the childs reaction to the lass that she was his mum. at which point we decided to leave.
now you are probably saying at this point the exact same thing that mum in laws partner said when we got back in the car, and you would be correct.
we should have either taken him to the police station, or at the very least, rang them and stayed with him until they arrived. he was a very lucky little lad that it was us that came across him first. not someone else. but the fact of the matter remains this. we gave him back, and nothing will come of it.
ok, we aren’t saying that they should have him taken off them, but surely the parents should answer in some way to neglect of this level.
we didn’t even get a real thank you from the mother. just a grunt.
in hindsight, we did the wrong thing. i mean, it was obvious that she was the parent, the kid virtually ran to her, but we had no proof. and also, what kind of parent, be it her, or whoever was supposed to be watching him, lets a kid get out of the house? especially one so young, at that time of night?
as i said at the start…a definate
ttfn. cappy.
* a ginnel, is a footpath type thing between two houses.
# dinners, i hope this explains why i put the phone down mid convo!

8 responses to “AND THEN TO NEW YEARS EVE.

  1. Parents these days just let them kids run riot.String ’em up I say.Then make ’em do 2 years National Service. Discipline, thats what they need. And we could get the Empire back, of course, that’s where all the trouble started, giving Africa back to them Jamaicans.
    And the price of coal these days, it’s a disgrace, you can’t stay warm. I had to throw a grandchild on the fire just to cook the Christmas sparrow.Couldn’t afford a turkey, not at these prices etc.

  2. Sparrow??? You were lucky!!! We had to settle for half a rat.

    When I were a lad there were eleven of us livin’ in a shoe box in’t middle of’t road ‘n me dad’d beat us t’sleep wi’ razor wire which ‘adn’t been invented but ‘e invented it to kill us wi’ ‘n when we woke up ‘e’d kill us again ‘n then send us t’work naked at the age of 2 down’t pit were we’d ‘ave t’kill ‘n eat miners just to stay alive ’til ‘e’d kill us again when we got ‘ome….

    I’m pissed….

  3. Razor wire? I used to dream of being beaten with razor wire, just once. But I’ve learned you won’t get anywhere until you’re prepared to do a fair day’s work for a fair days pay…hang me the right way up…two flats, two round and a packet of gravel….bag of otters noses Loretta….

  4. ooh! can i join in? it is my blog after all…

    “half a denari? for my life story?”
    “my brain hurts”
    “and a man shall lose another mans hammer”
    “wheres the fetus going to gestate? in a box?”
    “Your highness, when I said that you are like a stream of bat’s piss, I only mean that you shine out like a shaft of gold when all around it is dark”
    “I don’t wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! You mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”
    “Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!”

  5. “This parrot is dead…”

    My son has been converted and states Monty Python is funniest TV ever by the way.

    Oh – diggression back to subject of post.

    Difficult one- if you’d have called the police or whoever – no one would have thanked you in the end. But like you say – some parenting skills needing more than a little sharpening up in this case.

    In my less liberal moments I think all teenagers should be steralised and then only when you pass some test can you have kids. Then I realise I’m sounding like something from Germany around 1937 and think again…. however…

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