ardsley youth club. circa 1982/83. my abiding memory is of pogo-ing like mad to the sex pistols and being told by some human league clone:
“you can’t like them your a mod!”
what a dick! at least i sought out my own identity!
walking to the club in my new bowling shoes form melandi on carnaby street,

before my dad had a chance to put a sole on them!
(in those days bowling shoes were real bowling shoes)
getting home and my feet being red white and blue due to the snow!

four pairs i had.





and some “jam stage shoes”


black/white/black (leather)

black/white/black (suede)

and not forgetting a pair of these!

sorry dinners, yours are cool too, but these were the real deal! paul wore em! and they hurt like buggery every time i wore them. and i mean every time! never have i known a pair of shoes not wear in!

spencers sta press trousers

fred perry polo shirt.

us ex army parka. a real one too, not one of these plastic things you see these days all covered in fur! actually bought off my sister. my mum was in tears when she bought her this. £60 in 1980! still have it, seen better days. now used as a cover for scooters cage! can you see the pattern developing here?

i was a classy little fucker back then. there were three mods in our school ion those days. me. jason in the year above, and my mates sister kathi in the year below. still see jase occasionally, he still had a scooter the last time i saw him!

everyone else was a casual. sheep. no originality at all. i realised later in life that they were the natural progression of the mod movement, but back then they were a set of useless tossers who payed £5 for a pair of terry toweling socks, just because they had a picture of a fucking crocodile on them! what was that about?

the school took us to france, where we were walking along a beach one afternoon, and it all became too much for me. shouts of “why are you wearing odd shoes?” (see above) got too dull, so with a shout of “remember brighton!” i took a running jump off a wall and took about half a dozen of them with me!

good times!

i was as obsessed about scooters then as i am now! the first i ever got to ride was an old white lambretta that had it’s gears jammed into second and wouldn’t change up or down! we used to ride it up the back fields. it scares me to think what it would be worth now. (not in the state we got it into though!)

my bedroom. round the mid 80’s!

my mate, dave, tried desperately to be a mod. but he just didn’t have it!

lets face it, what self respecting mod would dress as a fucking teddy boy? even for a charity do? look at his hair! that was all his! and he listened to status quo and built models of american trucks! i didn’t understand!

me? full time mod! lived it and breathed it. still am i suppose. ok these days it’s harder to find decent stuff that i can fit into, hence the need to lose weight, but it’s like the main man, the modfather, paul weller once said:

“i’m a mod, i’ve always been a mod, i’ll always be a mod. you can bury me a mod” never a truer word spoken!

and thats the only picture i know of in exsistence of me actually dancing! what a mover eh? nah, never really any good, but i tried! dave did have a bonus though…his sister! 3 years older than me, and miles out of my league!

but how cool did i look?

“what d’ya mean gonna be one of the faces? i am one of the faces”

oh well. thats enough for now! more to come.

as we used to say, “keep the torch burning. keep the faith”


10 responses to “WHEN YOU’RE YOUNG.

  1. HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!I used to have some of them Jam stage shoes too!!!!My Dad wouyld buy stuff from Melandi for me for Xmas every year.Got me a blazer once, and some sick houndstooth pants that I loved.I would swing from Mod/skinhead to punk/alternative all the time, ‘cos I loved the tunes of both – Oi!, punk, soul, ska, reggae. Never got a scooter though, ended up with a bike and never looked back (unless it was to see the scooters broken down on the side of the road….)

  2. Amazing – just found this (rather belatedly) after googling ‘melandi’. Bedroom shots with all those posters and clippings brings back memories of my own room back in the 80s (and of course Jimmy’s in Quadrophenia). Happy days, before my deviation into glam metal …!

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