ok, some have been asking so here you go.

the little man is doing great! but he aint so little now! every morning he seems to have grown. and eat??? wow! we took him to the vets the other week, he’d been scrathing at his back, and chewing his tail, which was wearing his hair away, (like father like son), so we sought advise.

he also had his jabs re-done. when we got him, the paperwork we were given was for a bloody horse! so prevention rather than cure! his back and tail are lovely now. he’s got such a sheen to him! we’ve taught him to sit, and fetch to a certain extent, and his house training is really getting there, as long as he can get out! we also bought him this!

not what i’d ever imagine a dog of mine to ever wear! but if you saw him shivering, you’d understand it! irrelevant now, as he’s outgrown it anyway! poor little sod, his eyes say “why?”. i said to the wife, all he needed was a burberry baseball hat and he’d look 100% chav!

and he’s got more toys than the boy, anything not nailed down ends up in his basket! in fact theres barely room for george! my mobile went missing the other day, oh yes it was! but whats his favourite? a bloody robinsons fruit shoot bottle! noisy as hell. and damn annoying. see the evidence below! but we wouldn’t have him any other way!

i’ll try to get a photo of the boy holding him like before, so you can gauge how big he’s gotten! if he’ll ,let us! oh, and the cat and bird? the cat generally ignores him unless he gets too close, but the bird? well…lets just say he aint top dog in this household!

ttfn. cappy.


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