ok, so sam allerdyce would have been my ideal choice, but gary mcallister is a damn good pick! onwards and upwards!
glory glory leeds united!


2 responses to “LONG LIVE THE KING!

  1. Here’s a tip for Gary.

    Look around League one. Generally absolute crap (exceptions Leeds, Doncaster and (in deference to Dinners) Oldham).

    Just tell him to look at Gillingham – just do anything opposite to what we do and you’ll be alright. We’ve just signed another two non-leaguers who started at premiership sides….. Didn’t stay there though did they? Why did they end up at Stevenage?

    To quote my boss (clever man, astute man, observant man (is my nose brown enough yet?)) “Non-league manager, non-league players, non-league football, non-league future.”

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