i come home on saturday morning and my email is playing up, so is my homepage.
i decide to restart my broadband, which normally does the trick, only for it to tell me repeatedly that it “cannot find remote computer”. whatever the hell that means.
i’ll go a bit further back actually.
my ISP is my employers ISP.
i joined because i got a discount.
i wish i never had.
the actual broadband service is fine, but the after sales is crap!
our bank account is an electron account, which apparently they won’t accept payment from due to kids being able to open electron accounts, and thus, in theory, then being able to open broadband accounts. which would be bad. that bit i can understand. but they never told us that when we opened the account and accepted the initial payment from that account. we then set up the direct debit from there, only for it to never be taken. but heres the snag. did they ever e-mail me to tell me that our account was behind? ha! no!
so it was only when i remembered to check, that i realised it was. normally after a good 6 months. so you can imagine the bill i would be faced with.
this has happend what? three, four times, and each time i get told
“we’ve sent you e-mails”
like shit you have!
anyway, it happened again just before xmas.
so i rang them.
“we’ve sent you e-mails”
“well we definately sent it”
“LOOK, I KNOW YOU HAVEN’T! heres the facts. i have around six seperate e-mail address’s, all for different things i’m involved in, and they are set up to notify me of any that come in, be they spam or real stuff. and in the 18 months or so i have been hooked up to your broadband, not once have you mailed me!”
“well i can only apologise.”
“why is it then that my payments are still not coming out even though i have repeatedly set direct debit agreements up?”
it was at this point, after a protracted chat about banking that i was informed of the inability to pay via our bank account. and after telling them, in no uncertain terms, that i wasn’t about to set up a new account just to pay this bill, that i was told i could pay monthly off a credit card!
so i spent another ten minutes setting that up, and all was well.
that was until saturday morning.
nothing worked.
i didn’t have time to phone, due to having to go out saturday night and needing my beauty sleep! so i asked wifey to do it sunday.
turns out, payments were/are ok. the problem was that an error their end has cut us off accidently.
“ok, then hook us back up please.”
“we can’t, not for 7-10 days”
“er, what?”
“it will take that long to re-connect you.”
“so what are we supposed to do until then, i don’t think you realise that myself and my husband in particular do a great deal of work from home and need the broadband connection to do so!”
“we can put you on dial up for the time being”
“thats fine, but we won’t be paying for it, and if you think we are paying the £50 re-connection fee, you can think again”
(i do love her at times!)
so it turns out, they have put us on free dial up until broadband comes back, and when it does, we’ll get a month free.
which sounds all good. but as i told wifey. you do realise we have just spent over half an hour on the phone to them on a premium rate line, so anything they give us free will probably be offset against the cost of the call!
still….better than nowt.
they’ll be in for a shock mind. were going to go with another ISP!
and it’s because of the dial up that posts may be a bit inferquent this week.
and no radio shows till then either. but i’m planning a couple of special podcasts. and there you have it.
ttfn, cappy.
every little helps. eh?

9 responses to “OK HERES THE DEAL…

  1. I’d move ISPs mate. Mine is not that cheap but the service is very good.

    My son is a member of some anti-Tesco group called Tescopoly or something and hates us for shopping there etc. Oh the dreams of youth …

  2. I’m still in the mode of boycotting companies who’s business practices are questionable or whatever. Then my wife does the shopping and ruins my good intent.

  3. They make AOHell sound almost human. Mind you AOHell have got call centres in Ireland now – least on the odd occasion I call I get an Irish bird. Either that or the language teacher in Bombay is from Cork ;-)

  4. Ahhh that’s more like it, Four Dinners is on top of me now. :) LOL!!! Around and round we go. Ok, I’ll stop being bad!!! (no I won’t).

    I hate all stuff like this, we wonder how we were able to make it before computers and all but everyone was so much more relaxed and happy I bet. Still I am glad to be connected to you lot! :)

  5. I used be with AOL, in the days of dial-up and as 4D says, call centres are in Ireland. That’s good for me. I moved over to BT had a problem (their fault) just over a year ago with changing contract and their Technical Support is crap beyond belief, was offline for nearly 2 weeks and during that time spoke with 11 different sets of people. I thought I was going insane. You know what finally sorted it?
    I wrote to the BT Chief Exective and hey presto apology phone calls money compensation, the works.

    Every little helps?
    Let them have it!
    They don’t like it up ’em

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