just keep smiling cappy, keep smiling!
as you know i rang them on the 11th.
7 – 10 days they told me.
except some bafoon forgot to press the button to start my reconnection.
so now it’s another 7 – 10 days.
that will be nearly 3 weeks in total.
unacceptable? oh yes. and i let them know so!!
so to anyone wanting to hear my radio shows, i’m sorry.
but the wait will be worth it.
i’m going to try and upload a podcast of sorts, but that could take hours, and wifey may want to use the phone, so maybe i won’t!
i’ll try to continue to post, but please bear with me.
ttfn. cappy.
to the poor soul who got both barrels from me this morning, i really did mean it when i apologised. i know it isn’t your personal fault, but as an employee of said company for nigh on 20 years i really do expect better than “a slip of the mouse” as an answer to “when is my broadband coming back on?” not preferencial service, just better.


  1. The last time I spoke to AOL I said something to the effect of “SMILLIGASFOBASGDERB!!!!!”

    It worked. Had no problems since.

  2. This kind of ineptitude is staggering, don’t you think? What pisses me off even more is that, as a nurse, my mistakes, however minor, may cost me my license. What happens to Tesco Broadband when they fuck up? “Sorry, Cappy. You’ll just have to wait”. Wankers.

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