or at least i am now my t-shirt has arrived!

cheers to ron, all the way from the states, just because i told him to go see a band. not any band mind, “from the jam” no less!

so i’m now officially an honourary member of the dirty rotten bastards sportbike club. cheers mate!

he also sent me a copy of a cd that came free with a british paper, that i missed! from oregon. how mad is this blogging lark? never ceases to amaze me.

12 responses to “I’M A DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARD!

  1. You’re welcome, mate. I wouldn’t have gone without your recommendation, neither would the boys and as I said a fine night was had by all.
    Now we have to think of a Bastard name for you. We have Big Tall Baja Bastard,Brown Bastard,Double D Bastard and so forth. I, of course, being the first english Bastard, am Limey Bastard. I’ll le you know your Bastard name when it comes.

  2. As I’m a bastard by birth I’m inordinately proud of yer!!!! ;-)

    For half a vodka drunken second I thought you were wearing a German hemet!!!

    Blogland is amazin’ in’t it?

    When I pop up in’t summer we have to plan a surprise attack over in’t States.

  3. It came to me in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep – in view of the band in question and the good fortune you just had in becoming Top Dog of Scooter Forums Radio, you shall from now on forever more be known as “Jammy Bastard. Congratulations.

  4. BTW, that version of “Video killed the Radio star” was Pixies, not Offspring.
    Always here to critique, aren’t I?

  5. cheers ron, it was downloaded off limewire as the offspring. \nd after listening loads of times i wasn’t too sure.

    jammy bastard…..i like that!

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