if i had any homosexual leanings, then i would be making love to you tonight!

when people get all misty eyed and talk about the magic of the F.A. cup, it’s games like this that they are refering to.

talk to anyone before the match and they were holding no hope for a result favouring barnsley. but i knew. i’d been telling wifey and the boy all day that we were going to win. and boy did we win!

because don’t let anyone tell you that it was chelsea that lost. WE WON! we played them off the pitch for roughly 80 minutes of the 94! it was only the last ten minutes or so that saw them put any real pressure on our defence.

watch out. it may have been 96 years, but i reckon we’ve a chance of lifting this little beauty this year! for a full match report go to BBC SPORT. i’m off to eat my wifeys beautiful spaghetti and meatballs, and drink copious amounts of grand reserve rioja!


before i go, comiserations to man utd for getting royally stuffed by portsmouth earlier. my little lad wasn’t best pleased. but i found it hilarious!

oh and don’t forget to tune in to my radio show sunday night at 8pm. details on your left.



  1. Well done you Tykes!!!! Marvellous stuff. Not once but twice! First Liverpool from behind – if you’ll pardon the expression then Chelsea. Love it if you go on and win the bloody thing….

    er….just posted an appeal after the earthquake. Thought it was the least I could do ;-)

  2. it’s funny….but it’s now 2:10pm on the following day, and i still haven’t heard from anyone in sheffield!!!
    petty de da twats!

    “one team in yorkshire, theres only one team in yorkshire”

  3. What a result!

    The scenes at the end of the game with the players in the crowd remind me of the reason why football can be so special. Rare sights in a game now dominated by money – however maybe this year the worm is turning.

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