and heres the thing. if we win, and west brom win, it’s a repeat of the last time we won the cup in 1912. whats the chances? karma? YOU REDS!!

2 responses to “AND WE’VE DRAWN….

  1. Given you who’ve already beaten I think you should be favourites anyhow.

    Looks like the omens are with you.

    All this stuff is a far cry from being a Gillingham fan you know… :-)

  2. Oldham made the semi’s twice. Once in 19 some’at before WWI (which I don’t remember – honest) and the permanently tarnished refereeing cheating cunt of a let’s give United as long as they need to equalise game when Sparky scored thirty minutes into 3 minutes extra time…..

    Don’t give a fuck really but if I’m honest I’d love to see the Tykes do it.

    Might even buy a Tykes shirt for the final if it happens.

    Everythin’ crossed mate. Seriously!

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