remember how he used to look? look here .
look at him now! fat little bugger!
whats wrong in this first photo?

wifeys mum bought her one of those “fur real” monkeys. the baby that came with it now belongs to george.

and don’t let the innocent look fool you. just before these photo’s were taken he’d managed to nick a virtually full packet of chocolate digestives and eat the whole bloody lot!

justice was served though, because in the proccess, one of his puppy teath fell out! serve him right!

and here he is in full flow! check out the devil eyes! scary!

and while i’m showing vids…(excuse the heavy breathing, i’d just run upstairs cos i’d forgotten the lid was off! and yes, i was doing my show at the same time!)

answers on a postcard for the first photo!


5 responses to “BOY HE’S GROWN!

  1. The next video should be of the rodent and the pup having a little playtime together…hmmm….

    Is the rodent yours, or your boys?

  2. Loved the video clips, but the pictures are priceless. What a lucky dog.

    I miss my hamster. Actually, it was my grand-hamster, as it was really my daughter’s. My husband and I used to get her out sometimes when the daughter was away. I let her run around in my room. After putting her back in her cage, she’d empty her cheeks of all the crap that could fit in there. One would not believe what could be in there unless you witnessed it coming back out.

  3. the “rat” is the boys, but has been residing in our room since he arrived. being a nocturnal creature, it “makes too much noise and i can’t sleep”. bloody kids!

  4. yes, the beagle should have won. not that excuse for a mobile mop!

    and hamsters have featured heavily in my life, i love the little buggers! and yes, the whole cheek pouch thing freaked me first time!

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