i cannot be the only one who, throughout, has thought there is more to this than meets the eye? anyone who heard the recording of the first call to the police must know what i mean. dodgy. very dodgy indeed. just glad she’s ok.

6 responses to “THE STEPDADS UNCLE?

  1. the kid has been missing three weeks. she’s been “found” at the home of her stepdads uncle.

    read THE TIMES report.

    i just feel theres a lot more to it than her “running away”. the mother was reported as screaming for her to “never come back” on the morning of her disappearance, and none of the family have really seemed too upset in the news. in my opinion at least…

  2. yes so glad she is ok, and yes there is something dodgy about it, the first thing that should have happened is for her to be reunited with her mum, and her not being so proves that something is amiss.
    and please tell what is wrong with the first dog photo?

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