and he had a feather cut!

fuck me! how many times have i seen this guy now?
but he gets better each and every time.
doncaster dome was the venue last night, not the best venue in the world from a “ooh, ooh, i can see him” position, but from an acoustic point of view, damn good. (been there a few times!) his lordship was on fire last night, cruising seemlessly from old solo songs, to marerial from his new double album
“22 dreams”

now i saw weller in brighton a few years back, just before the release of his “as is now” album, and in general i think it’s hard to listen to anyone promoting new material as you just don’t know it, but last nights new stuff….well, it was like listening to old friends! look out for the new double ‘A’ side single
“echoes round the sun/have you made up your mind “

as he said himself last night after playing have you made up your mind, “it may be new to you, but i think thats one fucking brilliant song! indeed! who are we to argue? other stand out new stuff were; “sea spray”, and the title track “dreams”. jam tracks took pretty much a back seat last night, except for “eton rifles”, and a cut back acoustic version of “the butterfly collector”.

appearance wise, he looked the absolute dogs bollocks! jeans (i think, couldn’t see that well) , a plain short sleeve cashmere top, and the obligortary smooth hair do, a bit reminiscent of “rod the mod”! at two weeks shy of his 50th birthday (yes 50!) he still has it in bucket loads! well, i would. and i’m straight! i of course have pre ordered his new album, but the deluxe edition cd, including a book, oh and the double vinyl version too.

and my tickets are booked for november when i’ll see him again!

obsessed? you ought to have seen the war zone here when we found out that the “booked” tickets for last night were in fact not booked! a mad scrabble by the enemy got us two though. and i don’t say it lightly that there may well have been a divorce in the offing if we hadn’t. not kidding!

thats all. as you were…..


5 responses to “I HAVE SEEN GOD!

  1. Do I surmise from this that you quite enjoyed the jollity then?


    He is a bit good in’t he?

  2. Booked but not booked?! I shudder to think how blue the air must’ve turned!

    Glad you had a great time, old boy. So he’s nearly 50, eh. Frank of Gallows is 24, I think!

  3. OP tour last weekend in August.

    Dinners tour to Barnsley 22nd August.

    You good for that? Friday/ Sat / Sun?

    Lemme know old bean.

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