we went to wifey’s boss’s wedding the other week. good fun it was too, or so i’m told at least. i can’t remember owt past half ten.

now before anyone starts calling me a lightweight, let me explain further! it was on a friday. in my wisdom, and also my defense, i took the friday night off, as there was no way i was going to be able to go and work too. i didn’t however, take the thursday off. so i came home on the friday morning, tried to get some sleep, and failed. we met in the pub at half one, and i consumed a pint of guinness. then the actual service at the town hall, and up to the reception.

of course, it wasn’t straight in, and eat. into the bar.

four more pints of liffy water later, we we’re called in. bottles of red and white on the table. two of each. only colin and myself drinking red. a bottle each! then one handed over from another table. you keeping count? i wasn’t by this stage!

then after the speaches etc, we had to vacate the room for it to be transformed for the evening do. “to the bar!” more pints, and i bumped into a very old friend. wifey was more than happy for me to stay in the (very quiet) public bar, so i did. apparently i was buying drinks for everyone who came in! i honestly do not remember how many more i drank, but i know it had to be quite a few. washed down with the occasional baileys.

heres where it gets hazy. i then went back into the reception, and danced to madness. at which point wifey decided it was time to leave!

i somehow managed to ring for a taxi, and we came home. and she took the following picture of me. i genuinely cannot remember it. and only realised she’d taken it on the following monday at work whilst looking for another pic on my phone!

what you reckon? do i look like a guy that had a good time?

click to enlarge


(please ignore the kitchen. it’s still not finished)

new suit, new sherman shirt, new loakes brogue boots. boy i looked the mutts nuts! i’m gonna do a seperate post about those boots, you need a close look….they are drop dead handsome!

the one thing you can’t see, is the bottle of tequila in my pocket. by all accounts, whilst in the bar, i jumped the queue in front of an american resident of the hotel, and as an apology, i bought him a pint of tetleys (a first for him). he dissappered and came back with said bottle, and would not let me decline it, however hard i tried!

a good result.



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