as you know, around 14 months back i was asked to join a local scooter club that had just formed. a club that was to be different. not just concerned with going to the national rallies and getting pissed, or having club meetings in a pub with no scooters in sight. a club that rode it’s scooters, and in doing so raised a little money for our chosen charities. and as such we were.

we chose the ‘adopt a child’ charity, and the royal british legions poppy appeal. we also had enough left over to help a porrly local lass.

but then things changed. in my mind it did. the charity side took over, and thats all it seemed to be. every other weekend was “lets do this for the legion”. now don’t get me wrong, i am fully for the charities we agreed to support, but i wanted to ride my scooter. and yet at xmas, when i sorted everything out for us to be able to go to the hospital with some selection boxes, only two of us went. it “wasn’t sanctioned as an official pals event”. ok.

now we have 70+ members, the majority of which don’t know why we do what we do, or why we are named how we are named. and i’ve decided to have a break.

as it is, we are starting again. and i’ve been asked to reconsider my position. i am. not going to commit. i’ll see how it pans out. a the moment i am happy enough to continue as a ‘solo’rider, and i’m still a member of the scooter-forums sc, the vespa club of britain, and the yorkshire scooter alliance. and i know enough people “on the scene” to know i can turn up and have someone to chat with!



  1. some care some don’t. That’s life mate. You care so do your stuff and fuck em all eh?

    joined you on WordPress. Got pissed and bored.

    No change there then. ;-)

  2. Did you get the chance to see the pics of my motorcycle? (1100 Shadow Sabre). I’m loving every minute. I don’t know if it is the same type of social thing with the scooters, but the people riding the bikes are great too.

    I sent you a message trying to search the url, but I found it again… so if you get it don’t worry about it…

    Mr. J also thanks you for your sympathy from the testicle-incident.

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