no matter how old you are, there will be a fascination with lego!

the boy’s just turned 8, and his requested birthday present(s) was lego. not any ordinary lego mind, but indiana jones lego.

so it was, that armed with a list, and a credit card, wifey sat in front of the pc and got her ordering head on.

£170 later, it was done. now that may sound like a lot, but that was everyones presents. ours, grandparents, aunts, uncles, freinds etc. so spread out it wasn’t too bad.

what i thought would be bad, was the construction…..oh no! the complete opposite.

 yes. the boulder scene from raiders of the lost ark!

 and various bits from the crystal skull!

yes it was complicated. yes at times fiddly. but myself and a willing helper sat down and cracked on. and when wifey told me that we were due to go out for tea, i declined. like i told her. his birthday was on the friday. his communion was on the saturday, so if we didn’t sort it out, it could end up being another full week before he gets to play with it all, what with school and work. so i stayed home.

now each of the big boxes were split into numbered bags. which made it easier. instead of having a thousand pieces to sift through, i just had a couple of hundred! and two instruction books. yes, two. for the big thing in the photo. two books. and 8 bags! (the tracks on the “tree shredder” had 40+ pieces each side alone!

when she came back, i was half way through. but had a huge smile on my face! it’s so theraputic you know! apart form the numbness in my fingers!

you’re itching to see aren’t you? ok, this is what took me the best part of what?, 8-10 hours to finish!

click any picture to enlarge.

and theres more….

this is a hoot!

we’ve got the Wii version, and myself and the boy have actualy finished it. well. got to the end, we still need to re-do loads. bits we’ve missed etc. but hey. i’ve two weeks with him, lets see how far we get!

yes camie, i know i still need to get guitar hero!


4 responses to “LEGO! JUST GETS BETTER!

  1. Ahhh! Legos! Little Man would SO fit into your household. Can I send him, and his millions of lego pieces(that I constantly am stepping on, or pulling out of Beanies mouth) to you for a little holiday?

  2. loved lego as a kid. not as much as Subbuteo though. Took my subbuteo to a mates a few days back and his nephews loved it. Mind you Barcelona ended up with only 7 fit players. 4 got stood on. Never mind, only cost me £12 did Barca. Bit of superglue and away we flick!

  3. ah subbuteo….class. i have a few teams at my mum and dads, and the pitch, some stands, fans etc…
    i have a friend though, who is obsessed with the little men.
    it was only the other week, at work that he’d bought a bag full of bits for around a tenner. and out of that bag, quite a bit was unserviceable.
    i reckon you’d have a lot to talk about between you (subbuteo wise) but eventually, you’d end up like the rest of us, wanting to hit him…..due to his “mockney” accent and his supposed niavity.
    nice guy, i like him, but even so…….

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