now, i’m not a dee dah. i’m frum tarn*. however..

even i’ll be sorry to see the tinsley towers go. and go they are doing. apparently. after 70 years sitting at the side of (what is now) the M1 motorway , the oldest cooling towers in the country are scheduled for demolition on bank holiday monday.

come on, they have a beauty all of thier own.

petitions have come and gone. various suggestions as to what they can be used for (art gallery was my favourite)

but i guess when your times up, your times up.

it is a shame though. after a trip down south they were a sign that you were close to home. i suppose that meadowhall on the other side of the M1 will have to take thier place.

sheffield star report

* i’m not from the city of sheffield, i’m actually from barnsley.

ok, so EON have formerly announced that the towers are to come down in the early hours of sunday 24th august. the M1 will be closed between junctions 32 and 35, and anyone wanting to go and watch can do so because meadowhall will be opening thier car parks to the public.

EON are to use the site for some kind of new “green” power station. so why not incorporate the towers into it.


4 responses to “WHAT A SHAME.

  1. still think they should be left alone, people had lots of ideas of how to ‘decorate’ them, a sad day whe they come down. Always said I would go and watch them demolish them but will give it a miss.

  2. i was about to say not to worry because it’ll be on calendar or look north, but seeing as you now live on the wrong side of the pennines, you’ll have something different….
    but i guess it’ll make it’s way onto you tube!

    (i’ll try and get it up here too)

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