ISAAC HAYES. 1942-2008

sad news today. just ten days short of his 66th birthday, mr isaac hayes has been found dead at the side of a tredmill in his home just east of memphis. probably best know for recording the theme from shaft, he is know more recently for his portrayal of ‘chef’ in south park.

he’ll be missed.


8 responses to “ISAAC HAYES. 1942-2008

  1. i looked everywhre for a video of that, but unfortunately, mssrs parker and stone don’t alow any third parties to post south park to the net. hence the self made stuff on you tube.. and i couldn’t find any worthy enough to put on here….i have very high standards now! ahem.

  2. He will be missed. I saw one of his fine cars at the Staxx Records Museum in Memphis, it was so col it would tell you to be careful with the upholstery and move away from the car…yep the car spoke in Hayses voice!

    Your new spot looks really good, I like the posh factor! Thanks for letting me know your new URL. I’m sorry i haven’t been around, we were on a road trip saw the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but the Style Council isn’t in it yet…but lots of other cool things and guitars.

  3. candy: what a cool car alarm! can you imagine that?
    “git away for the car sucka!”
    and somehow, as much as i love weller, i can’t see the style council ever being in the rock and roll hall of fame! the jam maybe….and weller as a solo artist, but not T.S.C.

  4. I lost all respect for the late Mr. Hayes after me got pissed off at South Park for mocking Scientology and Tom Cruise. I mean, after spending years in the show, it was kind of inevitable they’d get to him sooner or later…

  5. ron: i agree, it was somewhat hypocritical of him to go along with the lampooning of other religions, cults, organisations until they picked on scientology!
    mind you, the episode of south park they did with clips of his voice from old shows AFTER he left was a classic!

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