evryone will have been up this morning to watch thee young 14 year old tom daley diving in the synch pairs, but not me…

anyone know who this is?

no? ok. this is leon taylor and he is the guy you heard commentating at the diving pool for the BBC. and he’s an aquaintence of mine! oh yes, he shops in our place.

not only that but he’s an olympic medal winner himself. he won silver in athens for synchro diving. and in his bio, it says that he invented the hrdest dive in the world. (don’t ask, i don’t know).

the odd thing is, i have known him for over four years, and only found out about all this in the last few months!

nice guy, top sense of humour, and always has time to chat. bet he’ll have a few things to say when he gets back…


2 responses to “NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT 1.

  1. ha ha! yeah… know, when they have them in for training, they ought to teach them how to talk to the press.
    what is that quote? “better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re an idiot, than to open it and give them proof” summat like that at least.
    speaking of soundbites, i reckon the young man himself has given the best yet.
    “it was fun, i have my solo dives in just under two weeks, i’m just going to go out and enjoy the experience and have some fun” good on ya master daley.
    and leon? blimey. every time i turn on the telly he’s either commentating, or actually there! he was on the highlights programme on bbc1 last night, and the wifey tells me he was on chris evans radio2 show as well!! he’s gonna get some stick when he gets home. and i reckon all this new fame will mean he forgets to fetch me a gift home like he promised. (not that for one minute i reckoned he would!)

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