reading of rick wrights death the other week got me to thinking about pink floyd, more importantly seeing them play the silver clef benefit concert in 1990. 30th june 1990 to be precise…but not just them.

after getting up at an ungodly hour, my sister, best mate and i set off to hertforshire. after parking in the “car park” (field) some miles away, we trotted off in glorious sunshine. shorts and t-shirts were the order of the day. eventually we came upon knebworth, and handed our tickets over. this is what came next….

tears for fears.

a band as a kid i’d secretly admired! c’mon, as a mod, i could hardly go round claiming to like em! pissed it down all through their set until the last track…

status quo.

yeah yeah, but with a greatest hits inspireed set, as most were that day, who can grumble. sun back out, drying off nicely!

cliff richard and the shadows.

yes, you read that right. i, along with everyone else thought “stuff that” and trotted off to the beer tent. what greeted me upon exiting was nigh on 90% of the audience (of over 120,000) on thier collective feet, dancing. what a trooper! i wouldn’t pay to see him alone, but i take my hat off to him for getting the place rocking that day!

dire straits

the mumbling geordieand his band…..joined by….

eric clapton.

old slowhand was sublime. some of the best blues i’ve witnessed. who then was joined by……

elton john.

oh yes, a veritable supergroup! just when you thought things couldn’t get better….

robert plant.

rock god ahoy! what a belting voice this man has..but wait, a whisper spreading through the crowd like wildfire, prompting my sister to say “who’s at the side of the stage?” enter stage left one jimmy page!!! oh my god we’re getting our moneys worth! this is wearing and tearing, an old led zep track that they had NEVER played live before!!

phil collins

talented and funny man. the next time i came to knebworth was to see genesis in 1992. speaking of whom…


they could hardly have one without the other!!! the medley of stuff they did as a set finish was excellent.

paul mcartney

oh yes, sir “thumbs aloft macca” was there, along with his “real” mrs. solo stuff, beatles stuff. then this to finish, and again, rumour has it, this was the first time he’d played it live! every time i hear it i get goosebumps and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. after he left the stage, we sang it for around 10 – 15 minutes! class never ages! can’t say he’d get away with the “helping retarded kids” line now though!

and finally…..

pink floyd

by now it had started raining again. my sister and mate wanted to go back to the car, me? no way was i moving until i had seen the legend that was floyd. unfortunately the rain we’d had had somehow managed to accumalate in the huge round screen they use to show accomanying films, and it had to be taken down, but that didn’t stop what has to be one of THE defining musical moments of my life. and anyone who really knows me, knows how serious i am about my music, so it aint said lighlty.

then the trudge back to the car. ears ringing, clothes extremely wet. we arrived home roughly 24 hours after we’d left, but, and you’ll probably be more shocked by this than anything else, it had to be, by far, the best £30 i’ve ever spent!!!

it’d cost more then that to see just one of the above these days.

go to you tube and check out all the vids! even cliff!


3 responses to “18 YEARS. GONE SO FAST.

  1. one of the best outdoor concerts I ever went to was fleetwood mac(opening nobodies) logins and messina, who had a big hit at the time and the headliner rod stewart, all for the amazing price of $8.00 thats about 4 pounds!

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