c’mon, who’s gonna be the first?

yes, from this sunday i’ll be inviting you all to call me during my live shows. all thanks to my newest peice of kit….



linked up with everything else, my room is now resembling a real studio! no more changing cables from one input to another just so i can play a bit of vinyl, and having to hear that horrible popping noise as i plug in!

so feel free. call me. between 8pm and 12am sunday night.





2 responses to “SKYPE ME!

  1. Do you mean via the puter?Or do you have an actual skype number? I just use my puter but do call a friend on her landline in So. Africa from time to time.

  2. if you type punxxi in the search on skype it gives you the info? I added you to mine. but i will have visitors from out of state until next week, so maybe i will see you then :)

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