as a kid, holidays tended to be either in my aunties caravan at cleethorpes, or in my uncles borrowed tent.

as i got older, it then changed to accompnying my parents to cub camps as a helper. (they’d both become leaders) 

hotels were a no no….we just didn’t do hotels.

the first time i did stop in a hotel it was in the isle of arran with the junior school.

even at comprehensive, when we went to france we camped!

but i’m in one now, as i type this, so forgive me if i am a bit giddy, it is a novelty!


ok, it’s only in bradford.

ok, i’m on union business (training course)

but i tell you something. i won’t get too jealous the next time the enemy is away on company business……cos it may be ok when you are actually doing what it is you are there for, but theres also a hell of a lot of sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

which is why i’m writing this now. i’ve been in the bath. ive had a brew. i am wating for the clock to wind round to 7pm when it’ll be time to go down for dinner….then a few drinks, then back here.

mahjong it is then…..

later folks.


3 responses to “IT’S A GLAMOUROUS LIFE….NOT

  1. Mate, I have spent my life in hotels, from the sublime 5 star to Ibis. I have endure the Quality Hotel in Andover, possibly the worst hotel in the civilized world and enjoyed top hotels from Amsterdam to Zurich – but the best hotel in th world is Country Inn above a pub – you can’t beat em! I lived in the Crown Inn @ Sarre in Kent, near Canterbury while I worked for Pfizer in the 90’s (yeah, THAT project before you work it outfor yourself and make yourown jokes). I lived there or 6 months, on a pittance of £25 subsistance per night… you don’t know how difficult it is to spend £25 per night in a pub for six months!

  2. it’s 1am and i’ve just spent the last 6 hours in the company of 9 other reps who are on the course and the topics of conversation have gone from music, to religion, via the second word war, miners strike, drug use, and modern army orocedures (british policies vs american).

    why i never did this last time i don’t know….all i’ll say is the tnext time i’m definately stopping over.

    (the fact that i’ve got into double figures on the pints of guinness is irrelevant)

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