oh yes!! my new blackberry storm that is!

aint she sweet?


i’ve had my nokia N95 for some time now, and as much as i love it, the internet/e-mail access is somewhat limited. i’ve hummed and ahh’d about getting a nokia internet tablet, then this appeared.


ok, it loos llike an apple i-phone, but blackberry is a name synonymous with mobile e-mail access. so the storm it is.


 i’ll admit, functionality has always been more important than aesthetics, but you have to admit, she is nice!!



hopefully it will be here friday, so i can start to swap all my contact details over, and send out my new number. so watch out for that e-mail! and if i forget, or miss you out, drop me a line and i’ll sort it.

oh, and on the subject of new stuff……

new deck coming soon…details when i get it!




3 responses to “THERES A STORM COMING…

  1. oooh, i have a curve and i luv it the only drawback is that it dosnet do movies..but i can put 500 songs on it :) now i wish i had waited a bit and got this one but it’s all cool!

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