went to see weller last night.

i don’t need to tell you how good he was, sufficent to say he still gets better every time i see him.

this video has been taken from you tube.

it was posted last year.

weller played the track as an encore while the video was on a big screen behind him.

powerful stuff.

some people took offence. the rest of us were sat in silence….respectful of the man that he still has the balls to wear his heart on his sleeve.

a guy behind us walked out complaining that he didn’t need preaching to.

as his mate said, “he’s not preaching, it’s only his view”

well yes, and i reckon the view of most of the other 10,000 that were there….as we hung about for the final encore of the beatles ‘all you need is love’.

cheers paul…as ever!

as a brucy bonus, heres a copy of a setlist from the night. if you are wondering what all the anotations are, it’s steve craddocks set list and the notes are which guitar he’s going to need for each song…



4 responses to “SPEACHLESS

  1. Wow! What an incredible video, and the song was well scripted. I would not have left offended. The point is very evident. This world is constantly teetering on repulsion of hate, war, sadness. When people realize that they do have the ability to change negative into positive, thru positive means we will reach a new level of understanding of what love really means. Thanks for the vid post Cappy.

  2. strange to watch the video, i watched it on telly as the 2nd plane crashed into the 2nd tower, it was so surreal,it looked like a movie, not real at all. we had to get on the phone and call our realitives back there, since they mostly worked in manhatten…all were ok. we flew back there 3 weeks after it happened, and it seemed as if the whole city closed at 5 pm everyday, at least the places that were open. you couldn’t get within 6 blocks of the towers, but it smelled, not like death exactly, but more like a vacuum cleaner had exploded at a garbage dump.
    loved that video tho

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