…on behalf of the boy.

this is a bakugan.

not just any it’s a “red dragonoid” and we can’t find one anywhere.

well, not strictly true……we found one on an american website. for £3.00. great? no!

they wanted £28 to post it. twenty eight quid for summat thats smaller than a table tennis ball, and weighs the same!

that’d be thanks, but no thanks then. it didn’t cost that much for FOUR “ben ten” figures posting last year!

so i’m asking a favour.

any of you very nice people out there……if you happen to go into a toy store, can you keep your eyes open for one please. and if you do see one, get in touch, we’ll check it’s the right one…and then if you are able to buy it, i will love you forever, and the boy probably even longer!

i’ll sort out the postage and a refund for your troubles!

thanks folks.

cappy & the boy.


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