ok, heres the thing going through my brain (long lonely journey)

take one cappy,

add one drunk punk,

mix in copious amounts of alcohol,

garnish with a microphone

and bake in a mini disc player,

then serve…….but how?

the questionare;

1, do we do a live show?

means not going to the pub.

2, do we record a podcast?

means getting drunk whilst the enemy is around

3, do we just go to the pub, get drunk, record the shit we talk, and then edit it and post it as a podcast later?

could be messy!

c’mon folks….you decide!


11 responses to “AN IDEA TAKES SHAPE…

  1. if you did a live show we could all call and bug you, but there are distinct disadvantages to that, i suspect. the most authentic deal of course is just taping during a pub crawl, then podcast it.

  2. hey!!..
    email me and let me know what you guys are doing ..
    I wanna call when you two are the drunkest and laugh at you :)
    email a number too :)

    • let me know your skype details!
      i’m going to try and persuade a few folks to ring me a week on sunday during the live show. you up for it?
      mail your gumpf to


      same to anyone else. i need to sort it all out and make sure it’s in working order well in advance!

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