i aint got the time to post like i used to.
the radio and everything else takes up too much time, and as such i’m taking a break.

that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep in touch with whats going on in my life, just not here for a while.

i am posting frequently, and daily on MY POSTEROUS SITE and MY TWITTER SITE.

yeah, i know, i’m a soft sod, but the fact that they are so short and sweet seems to just fit in with where i am right now. that and i can do them from the phone, means i can do it as the urge takes me.

(posterous is so damn easy, you just e-mail whatever you want to post and they do the rest, pics, words, vids etc. tre cool!)

i aint giving this up. i’ll possibly be here for a post once a week. a kind of weekly catch up. but for now….

all thats left to say is i’ll see you around and about on your own blogs.




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