On the countdown to scarborough scooter rally where I’ll finally meet shoe, vespa, tess and trev. And about bloody time too.
Oh and Bad Manners are playing too!
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3 responses to “SEASIDE.

  1. say howdo to Buster for me – check out if Vince is there. He’s often head of security for BM. If he is and you can identify him say you’re my pal and you’ll get to meet and great the lads.

    Vince is about 6 feet some’at and around 50 ish. Big – as you’d expect. If I can track his mobiley down – got it somewhere – I’ll sort some’at for you if he’s on duty.

  2. Not entirely sure that I’m stopping over yet.
    And if I am, I doubt I’ll be in any fit state to chat to Buster again.
    But thanks for the offer.

    Don’t suppose he knows any of The Specials?

    • in fact, if you DO speak to him, find out if he knows who’s djing for them at the button mill in barnsley on the 3rd may, and if he can get me a audience with the great man…..and if so can i take my mini disc player to get him to do a quick “hey this is buster….” type thing.
      cheers bruv. not long to go now!

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