met up with dave (vepsa old fart) in donny,

then rode through to gainsborough to meet up with stu and his lovely mrs, tina.

the weather was cracking the flags as me and VoF got to the meeting place, ‘the trent port’. however, a miscalculation of travelling time meant we got there about 90 minutes early.

we sat outside the pub for a while then went in search of food/drink. we rode into gainsborough. it was shut. so we went to tesco.

2 latte’s later (sophisticated we are) we rode back to the meeting point, and sat waiting for the lincoln mob (if a mob can consist of 2 people). it wasn’t long before we heard the familiar putt putt of ‘the jinx’.

drinks were had, VoF showed of his gymnastic skills (who knew?), and then it was time for food. the queue in ‘the trent port’ was a bit on the long side,

so it was decided that ‘wetherspoons’ would be in order.

helmets on, and off we go. scampi for tina. chicken burger for VoF, and two lamb and mint burgers for stu and i. one each that is!

after another drink, and the admission by stu that he wears womens clothing on saturdays and goes by the name of stephanie, we said our goodbyes. short and sweet, but tina had to get home to rest before her shift tonight.



good weather, good company, good scootering. what more could you ask?

next rides bakewell and whitby. dates to be arranged.



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