the dog managed to get out yesterday afternoon while i was in bed and the enemy was out.
the enemy came back home at half seven, no dog, so cue all night looking for him!
we went to the police station and were informed that although they don’t deal with it, a family had been in with a dog, and said they would look after it until monday and then take it to the warden. of course niether the family or the police thought to take any contact details!
ok, someone’s got him, so he’s safe and well. or so we thought.
turns out that they decided not to look after him, but to let him go so he could “find his way home”. wha? no kidding! who does that?
we found that out this dinnertime, so out we were again (well, the enemy was, i stayed put, just in case…).
seems he’d been into the local deli, and the shopping centre! they caught him and took him up to the vets. …
where the enemy has just picked him up from.
alls good again, and i can now start to enjoy my two weeks off! bring on the drink!
and before anyone mentions it, yes a tag with details on is a wonderful thing….and when he’s out he has one. but not when he’s “safe” in the house.

oh yes, we know how he got out through a shut door and locked gate.

we know.

and you do too…….


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