so saturday arrives, and so does 4D! yay, the drunk punk is back in tarn! one phone call to say he’s here, and it’s a quick s&s, and it’s time to hit the pub!


time passes as if it’s been three days since we saw each other, not three months. the beer flows, the conversation goes on, and the jokes and laughs come thick and fast. (i even bump into a pal i haven’t seen for around 6 years)


soon it’s time to get in touch with the enemy….our taxi for the night, so we can change venues! here she is, the new, slimmer enemy!


and so it is we head off towards the ‘button mill’. a local pub, with our tickets grasped firmly in our mits, cos we’re off to see ‘BAD MANNERS’!


we walk through the door, up to the bar, and straight away 4D confuses the poor lass behind the counter. whether it’s his accent or his sense of humour, i don’t know…but she never looks the same all night! the next person i see is ‘leroy’, an old pal from the scooter club i was in, and a member of a local band. i ask how he is, and he says he’s shitting himself. i ask if he’s supporting tonight, and he says “no, i’m playing with them…they have no guitarist”! jammy sod! there a fair few odd sights tonight.


the gent you see above (with chubby brown) is one of four ‘road rats’ that were there. that should read the infamous ‘road rats’. now i aint about to go into why they are infamous… lets just say, you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of em. so i buy them a drink each. (fat yes, thick no). they weren’t the oddest sight of the night though…


this guy spent the night dressed as superman. no, we didn’t know why either. had to hand it to him though, he had his answers all prepared. when asked, his standard reply was “everything else is in the wash”. funny guy.


eventually (and 2 1/2 hours after the advertised, yet no-show support bands were supposed to start) the lights dimmed, and on to the stage come 7/8’s of bad manners, launching into a ska beat. then down the steps comes the fat bastard himself….’BUSTER BLOODVESSEL’.


cue an hour and a bit of classic hits, no pausing, just out and out pure entertainment in a ska stylee!


the crowd go mad. much skanking, bouncing, dancing, pogo-ing ensues. even those that should know better get carried away.


oh yes….i challenge anyone to NOT dance. THIS IS SKA! people. special brew, lorraine, fatty fatty, rosemary, sally brown, lip up fatty, all the hits are on show tonight! someone took my photo for some online magazine, and i’ll be damned if i can remember what it”s called!


even your’s truly got a sweat on! (and couldn’t walk the next morning). oh and by the way, if you’ve noticed a trend in the photo’s above, it’s this wonderful gift that 4D gave me! a pork pie hat!


not just any pork pie hat, but a genuine ‘merc’ pork pie hat! thanks a million matey. you’re a star! got it on now, as i write this!


sunday arrived far too early (enemy’s alarm going off at 5:50am). up, washed and dressed for 9am. dinners comes up at 1pm. off to the pub for sunday dinner! we settle in. dinners plumps (ha!) for the sunday roast..yorkshire pudding and all. i go for a roast pork sarnie and real, home made chips! scrummy. veeery nice, and reasonable price. celtic and hibs on the telly (d’ya think he cheated old bean?). john smiths and stella. what more does a man want? hows about thje pub not shutting? but it did. so up to ours. a few beers, a few episodes of futurama, and….whats that? it’s 7pm already? upstairs into the studio (yeah, ok bedroom)and get ready for the show!


even after drinking for most of the day, it has to be said, this time we were a lot more coherant and proffesional. not a concious decision, i must admit, but nevertheless…


yet more talk of muppets, and thing that couldn’t be talked about here. dinners found a new friend too. bloody awful noisy thing that it is!


i meant to let you have it too mate, but forgot to tell the enemy to fetch it monday night! sorry. next time.

for those that want to hear the show, click on this!

and here’s us raising a drink to all that listened! we actually broke total listener records sunday night. cheers peeps.


after falling asleep on the sofa, waking in a puddle of drool at 4:50am, i went to bed. woke up around half 8am. again, bath and dressed. waiting for 4D to appear, i started to watch a documentary about ‘stiff records’. i wasn’t too long into it when he appeared. couple of drinks, finished watching the doc, then a trip out for summat to eat.


‘the strines’. a pub quite literally in the middle of nowhere. nice pub, great food, good beer. i opted for guinness, and damn fine it was too!


4D had a sarnie, with chips. i wasn’t too fussed, i’d had a bacon buttie before he picked me up. the sun was out, but everytime i took a pic, it hid!


we headed back to the hoyle mill inn, 4D’s b&b of choice (got to say, the staff and clientel are grand)….but it was shut! so off to the ‘mill of the black monk’…below.


after one in there, back to the b&b. still shut. up the road to the mount! then back down to the b&b which was now open! a couple more drinks while waiting for the enemy, again the designated driver. it was whilst waiting, that we noticed the beermats. spot the obvious mistake.


the enemy turns up, and it’s now time to hit the curry house. when 4D has come up previously, we’ve gone to the ‘spice of india’, which is very nice….good food, reasonable prices etc…..but this time, i thought i’d suggets somewhere else. the ‘DIL RAJ’ has won awards as the best resteraunt in the north of england for at least 4 years now, and it’s easy to see why.

dinners ordered a chicken balti madras, i had a chicken tikka rogan josh. we had a keema nan each, and shared portions of pilau rice, onion bhaji and gobi aloo. a couple of pints, then some rather large vodkas and before you know it, the enemy was at the door, along with the boy! after chatting with the staff for ten minutes, we realised we were the last ones in…so made our way home. we dropped dinners off at the b&b, and i had to decline his offer of a nightcap, as i was completely spent. like mr creosote, i couldn’t have let one more thing pass my lips! we said our farewells, the enemy got a hug, the boy a gang/rapper style handshake, and i got a firm, manly handshake!

another cracking weekend. roll on the next one.

i got a text and voicemail to let me know dinners had gotten home in one piece.

also i had this to face in the papers last night at work…when will they leave me alone?


ttfn all. talk soon.

cheers bruv. (the beat? september?)



6 responses to “LOST WEEKEND……ALMOST

  1. dead cert….well hopefully not really dead….for The Beat. I’m there!!!!

    Caz as well…but she’ll go for a beer with your management.

    2 of us up then I believe.

    This weekend was a crackin’ and much needed breather bro.

    ta mate. Big time.


  2. These photos are so fucking rad!!! You guys know how to do it up large.

    Thansk for sharing…someday I hope we can both post pics of our visits!

    We are going to see Gallows in two weeks…I’ll take pics..

    • i can’t believe thats been up there that long and no-one has noticed until now! cheers fella, duly noted and corrected! (please note, after a weekend with the drunk punk, it’s no suprise my mind was slightly addled!)

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