apparently it’s the worst kept secret in radio!

he’s been offering/pestering/begging/threatening for over 12 months now, and i have crumbled.


yes, it’s official. the drunk punk is our newest regular dj!

his shows are going to be saturday, at first 9pm – 11pm, then who knows?

so i hope you’ll welcome him with open bars (bra’s?)

god help us all.

Picture 185

i have upmost faith in him.

i must be mad.


3 responses to “WHAT HAVE I DONE?

  1. 7 til 9? I was going for 9 til 11 but when did I ever get the time right?….;-)

    7 til 9 eh?….right….start drinking around mid-day and I should just about be warmed up….;-)

    Don’t forget to help me sort out SAM. Got me playlist ready on the 365 thingy – all labelled up and such like. Just need to transfer it to SAM once I know how to link SAM and broadcast….

    “Germany calling…Germany calling…Good evening ladies, gentlemen and those of indeterminate gender….you may now sit on my face”

    …can’t wait!!!!!!!

    • er…you said 7pm – 9pm! i thought that was a tad early for you, but hey! i will change it, no problem.
      any advance on 9pm – 11pm?

      as for the sams, let me know what morning this week you will be in, and i will try to set it up via the remote assistance on MSN.
      (so install MSN if you haven’t already!)

  2. got me msn thingy sorted….fourdinners@aol is me sign up whatsit.

    Off to East London now.

    Should catch the start of the show but will be here asap…..

    ‘Upmost faith in him’……er….what?????

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