those of you that are more observant may have noticed the very large nod of the head to my all time favourite book on these very pages…


first published 1979

i bought a paperback copy of the first book in 1981, at the tender age of 11.

instantly hooked, i bought the second book “THE RESTRAUNT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE” (first published in 1980

“LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING” completed the “guide trilogy” in 1982

i then sought out cassettes of the radio plays, first broadcast on BBC radio 4 in 1978, which as you can see, the book proudly states came first!

1984 saw the release of the fourth part of the trilogy, named “SO LONG, AND THANKS FOR THE FISH”

8 very long years passed with Adams not commiting himself to anything Guide related, however much his fans clamered for a sense of what the amercans call ‘closure’. then in 1992, “MOSTLY HARMLESS” hit the shelves.

in between all this came two series of TV shows, computer games, a few failed stage versions, towels and Adams’ “DIRK GENTLY” series of books.

the threat of a major movie version always loomed, but Douglas wanted to make sure it was right, and not taken over by the money people. that and it would all need rewriting, as any fan of The Guide knows, no two formats are the same.

then the unexpected.

11th May 2001. Douglas Adams died of a heart attack, in a gym in California.

he was 49.

in 2003 pre-production finally began on the film! (Douglas had been working on the screen play for years). it was released in 2005. i went to see it. dreading what i was about to see. but it was a credit to all the actors, the direction/production team of Hammers and Tongue, and everybody concerned that it stayed true to Douglas’ vision. that and the fact that it bore no resemblance to anything that had come before!

and now? well, 9 years after his death, there is part 6 of 3.

written by Eoin Colfer “AND ANOTHER THING” is a completely new Hitchhikers Guide book. i got it for xmas, and i’ll be truthful, i’m struggling to read it. i want to like it. and i am, it’s just….not Douglas. i will stick with it though.

there is something else.

i have finally joined ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha: the Official Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Appreciation Society.

i got all this in the post last week…

yes i suppose i am a nerd! i have a membership card.

and it got me thinking. i have the books, the tapes, the videos/dvd’s, the film, the radio scripts, the books about the books…..what am i missing?


the first, a double album, released in in 78, the second a single album released in 79.

adaptaions of the radio series, they weren’t just a lazy edit, oh no! they were new recordings. and i have never owned them…..until yesterday. i finally maneged to get a set off e-bay. i kept very quiet about them until i knew for certain they were mine, so as not to alert anyone else to thier sale! and i won! £19.99 for the pair, in VERY good condition. so i am just waiting for delivery now. and then it will be listen and record to the pc at the same time, then put in protective cases and stored safely. and that will be that. except…..

i need to get me a towel. the only thing left. apart from the computer games, D.C. Comic versions….but the towel is next.

do you know where your’s is……..?

ttfn folks.


2 responses to “29 YEARS LATER….

  1. Well hello old bean! Very impressed with the new look. Very impressed indeed!!

    Big fan of Hitch Hikers. I had no idea Eoin Colfer had had a go! Jacqui introduced me to him with his Artemis Fowl books which I thoroughly enjoyed so I must give this a go!

    RIP DA. A tragedy of the highest magnitude.

  2. i was going to mention the artemis fowl books, but didn’t want to confuse things.
    there is the first part of an interview with him in this edition of ‘Mostly Harmless’, ZZ9’s newsletter, and he said that he didn’t set out to write in doulas’ style or imitate him. he does have a very VERY familiar feel to it. like i say, i have tried to read it. it’s been 2 months. i can do all the first five in a week.
    i guess i have to get past the issue of WHO the author is, and read it as THE BOOK.

    watch this space.

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