looks like the curtain is going to fall on 6 music.

courtesy of  NME:

BBC ‘to axe 6 Music and Asian Network’, claims leaked report

Corporation says newspaper report is ‘speculation’

The BBC is planning to axe radio stations 6 Music and Asian Network as part of a strategic rethink, according to a report that appeared in The Times today (February 26).

Set to be officially announced next month, the newspaper report quotes BBC Trust sources as saying that the corporation will focus on quality over quantity in future, and also states that the BBC website will halve its pages.

A BBC spokeswoman said she would not comment on “speculation”, reports BBC News.

Almost 60,000 people have joined a Facebook petition striving to save 6 Music from closure. The station’s presenters include Lauren Laverne and Steve Lamacq.

According to The Times, next month’s report will see Director General Mark Thompson announce that the license fee-funded BBC needs to shrink in order to give its commercial rivals more opportunity to grow.

Teenage-oriented operations such as BBC Switch and Blast! are also expected to close, while the report states that the corporation will cut its staff by 25 percent.

Although 6 Music could close, according to the newspaper report, Radio 2 will be told to broadcast more documentaries and comedy shows.

Following the article, a campaign to save 6 Music has gathered steam on Twitter, with users showing their support for the station by posting #saveBBC6music on the service.

after my scooter accident i spent 12 months stuck in the house. the one thing thet genuinely kept me sane was listening to 6 music.

phill jupitus for breakfast

andrew collins

craig charles

etc etc.

i don’t listen as often now as i should, but i will still miss it should it go. a grown up radio station playing music for people that don’t buy into cowell and his minion’s view of “good music”



3 responses to “SAY IT ISN’T SO

  1. Asian network? Fine by me. They can always transfer to Asia.

    You may have spent 6 months in the house old bean but I doubt you listened to Asian Network…whatever the fuck that is.

    Anyroad. Who needs ’em. We’ve got SFR!!!!

    • lets see em get rid of radio 1 Extra!
      if they tried there’d be such a backlash. but no, because 6 music is predominately listened to by 30/40 year old males, then it’s ok to get rid of it.
      forshame i say, forshame.

    • dinners.
      12 months mate, and no, i didn’t listen to it! but i actually got out of bed to listen to Jupitus (think SFR but more professional!). the big trouble is the fact that the bbc is always completely happy to pay extortionate sums of money to so called celebrities to appear on tat like come dancing, hole in the wall, in fact four in every five programmes on air…(and yes, it aint just the beeb, ITV/4/five are just as bad).
      take some of our license fee and spend it on things that entertain US. we the people that pay the wages!

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