i can hear you all asking “so thats it is it? you’ve done nowt else in all that time?”

well i have, but instead of writing it all down, hows about i do it pictorially?

to be fair, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll be aware of most of it, but for those of you that don’t:

a, WHY NOT? @barnsleysime is the name to look for

b, HERE YOU GO! hope you enjoy!

freaked out at the lava lamp monster

watched the sun rise

some crackers

got Wellers new single

and His album.

watched my tintin dvd's

ate crap. lovely tasting crap though.

watched The Who live at the IOW festival 1970

watched the boy play his first cup final. they lost.

got The Slackers new cd

tried to hide from the sun. failed.

watched a blue movie

enjoyed the views on the way home

stared at my gimpy foot. wishing it wasn't there.

had some quality time with the boy.

took the piss out of his freckles!

laughed at his attempt to dance!

changed my view on female refs. yummy!

cheered for everton ladies in the fa cup. i'm in love with rachel unitt.

decided i am coming back as a dog

watched too much chowder

and phineas and ferb

nah, nowt to say

cried when leeds got promoted!

and again when i read the papers

started to worry about the things sold in papers

had far too many baths

bought the boy an official M.U.S.T. scarf

and his 1st pannini sticker album

struggled to sleep in the bright sunshine

DAD! YOU'RE ON TELLY! little git.

i nearly lost my sight as a teen thanks to Ally.

Molly. the OTHER white meat. yum.

none uniforn day. lower half

none uniform day. top

i swear it growled at me!

maccy d's breakfast bagels. i an't resist

georgey pordgey puddin pie tries his luck

new trainers

new look, same old taste.

i can do a show in daylight!!

caught up with the new season of Family Guy

it's been cracking the flags here!

my new fave tipple.

opened the fridge and found this! scared the crap out of me!

F1. he cheats.

last gasp attempt to get into the world cup spirit

birthday cake? no. one big ass muffin for me please.

last but not least. i had a visitor on my birthday!

there were also two birthdays in amongst this lot.

my 40th & my niece’s 21st. but more of those later. enjoy.



*Where Have You Been: Reel Big Fish.


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