i’m on a health kick. two reasons.

1. want to do it for myself, sick of being a fat git

2. in a drunken moment i promised FOUR DINNERS i would join him on the london to brighton bike ride.


bought myself a bike.

i used to love mountain biking. to the extent that the last bike i had cost me £1500. then another £200/£300 on “extras”. so when i was offered this one for £80, i jumped at the chance. thing is, it was from a customer at work. which meant i had to get it home. that’s 12.5 miles. with 4 big hills.

so the wife took me to work last night, and the plan was ride it home. i didn’t care how long it was going to take me, i was determined to do it.

cue instant fail!

less than two miles. thats how far i got. less. than. two. miles.

i used to do 50+ miles a day for fun…pre crash. not now!

ok, the gears need tweaking to be set up properly.

ok the back brake is sticking and needs adjusting.

but that wasn’t the problem. it’s the fact that i am as fit as an asthmatic, one lunged 90 year old 3 toed sloth!

but i’m not going to give up. i am going to start swimming, and lose some weight and then try again. cos to be honest, even though i thought my ankle would be the thing that caused me problems, and even though i had to call the enemy out to pick me up, i FUCKING ENJOYED IT!!!

watch this space people.



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