ok, it’s been a while agian.

without getting into it too deep, the enemy has been in hospital this week. she got a letter last week giving her a date for her op. she went in monday, with the view to being home tuesday after keyhole surgery to remove her gallbladder. as with anything else in our lives it didn’t go exactly to plan. it was inflammed so she had to have regular surgery. yes, i have been worried. who wouldn’t be? and i have also had to take this week off unpaid, and next week is a weeks holiday that i have had to fetch forward from next march, but she’s my wife. it’s what i signed up to do. “in sickness and in health”.

she’s ok, recovering quickly, and they were really impressed in the hospital with her attitude and her wanting to get well enough to come home. they said on tuesday it would be the weekend at the earliest. she came home yesterday! the fact that is was not keyhole obviously means that the op was a lot more complicated and she’ll have a lot longer recovery. six weeks until she can drive! and just as i have taken the scooter off the road. typical timing. how do we get to manchester in two weeks to a gig? oh ho hum.

so, enemy is home. at the moment she is still fast asleep in bed. she’s had a comfortable night. sporting a lovely scar, about 10″ across her belly. neat though, so should heal well. (she’s never been a bikini person, so that’s not an issue). we have a big bag full of painkillers etc that she needs to keep up with. the only problem we have is that we don’t have a shower, so she’s going to go to her mothers for one. better than a bath. ive sorted the bedding that i took off last night so she can get into clean sheets tonight (lessen any risk of infection) the dog hasn’t been too impressed however. rather than having him jumping all over the bed getting comfy as he normally does, he spent the night in his cage. he’s fine in it, and settles down quietly when we use it in the tent, but last night he was in the kitchen, and all i heard all night was huffing and puffing and a half hour of proper barking. at 1:30am. sorry next door types! i’ll carry it upstairs tonight and put him in the bedroom with us. see how he goes with that. on a completely different tangent, i am sat at the kitchen table watching some window fitters work on their 4th house this week! we live in a row of back to back terraces, and a lot in the row behind us are owned and rented out by one person. he must be doing well for himself as he’s had them all re-done. in fact looking at that row and ours, it seems we are the only house out of the lot that have broan frames not white. can’t say i am fond. best go and nudge the enemy now, get her to take her tablets.




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