say what you want and call me what you will, but i HATE halloween and trick or treating. we spend all our time telling our kids to avoid strangers and definitely not to accept sweets from them, and then once a year we send them out to do exactly that!

if you were sat at home any other night of the year and some random kid knocked on your door demanding sweets, you’d slam the door in their face worried that it may be some kind of police sting operation!  so why is it ok on 31st November?

i’m pretty much of the same opinion about carol singing too. it’s nothing short of begging. if you are the first lot to turn up at my door on xmas eve (and i mean eve, not teatime) then you may walk away with a mince pie or something along those lines, but after that i am afraid you have shit out!

i may be grumpy, but i think it sends out the wrong signal. thats all.

i’ll sit back and wait for the flack to come.




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