so we go see Weller on tuesday night. or at least now we are.

i booked them on 23rd march this year. thats a full eight months before the gig.

got an e-mail the other day.


today is the 27th. thats 18 days. posty has been. no tickets. worried much? you betcha.

i possibly wouldn’t mind so much a, if it wasn’t Weller and b, if it wasn’t the boy’s first gig.

so i rang em. 33 minutes in a queue listening to the same announcement. then i got through, fearing the worst. but no.

“can i have your reference number please?……okay, your tickets will be ready to pick up from the venue from 6pm on tuesday night”


so, next thing… preperations are to be made!

i told him the other week he could have a couple of my old badges. so this morning he finally got to pick. (yes, i was hoping he’d forget!)

got em out for him.


and choose he did. wisely. git.

top three Jam ones are from when i was about his age, so 30 years old.


the selector is as old, and The Who is from when i saw em in sheffield on my birthday.


and these came from my trip to brighton to see Weller on the Live ‘05 tour.


he’s made up about it, and to be fair, so am i! also, he’s getting some new footwear today. can you guess what? well, wait and see if that happens.

i’m hoping for something in the way of Ben Sherman or Fred Perry. again, we’ll see.

of course a full gig review will follow on wednesday at some point.




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