the enemy’s car has been stuck on the street for the last week. as such she’s not been able to give me a lift to the train station these last two night.

our street and the two leading up to it are like sheets of glass, due to compacted snow, and the melting/refreezing over 5 days. consequently no taxi will venture down it either. can’t say i blame them.

which means i have had to walk to and from the train station these last two days.

not far, and normally not such a big deal until you remember that with my gimpy ankle, i struggle at the best of times to walk on FLAT surfaces*.

my thighs feel like they are about to explode!

the first morning on the return trip, as i reached the top of the hill i though my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

i’ve just been downstairs for a brew. i have no doubt you’d have all pissed yourselves watching me try and get down the stairs, swearing with every descent.

but, i suppose, in the whole scheme of things, it’s only doing me good.

just hope my muscles get used to it pretty sharpish.

i’m going back to bed now. i hope i wake up before tomorrow nights show.



*for those of you wondering…YES, i did stack it. 4 times.


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