i have succumb.

oh yes… i am weak.

for at least a couple of years now i have turned my nose up at any mention of the iPhone. i always wrote them off as faddy, and much overhyped.

however. i had a go on a mates iPhone 4. oh boy. and my contract was due to be renewed… so, i have one.


and truthfully? i don’t know why i didn’t get one before. yes, yes, yes you can buy apps, yes you can use it as an i pod. but it’s much much more than that. it’s like a tiny netbook/laptop! and i love it. i’ve had mine nearly two weeks now and almost every day i discover something else i can do, without having to sit here at the pc. irony that i am sat here using the pc to tell you about it? no, thats only because i have just finished uploading last nights radio show.

i won’t go on too long because i REALLY don’t want to end up like one of the folks that put me off so long. i have tried to not get all nerdy about it. but had to tell you. i’m sorry. i shall just leave you with some of the wonderful photo’s i have been able to take with it.







oh yes, and someone else has got an early birthday present…. but before you all start to criticise us buying him one, remember he starts at senior school this august and will have to travel 10 miles there and back every day and we want him to have a decent phone. he’s had a cheap one and an iPod that he has proved over the last 2 years that he can look after, and he will be paying the monthly rental out of his own pocket money every month. he’s a good lad. he deserves it.





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