One response to “PHOOEY

  1. Firstly…my apologies for not tuning in last night…I was, frankly, shagged out…and not in the way I prefer to be shagged out I hasten to add…sadly…I was so knackered I fell asleep in the armchair…sorry old bean…I will be there next Sunday…

    As for Mark Robbins….no matter really….a new manager…a new broom…maybe it’ll make the difference next season…maybe it won’t.

    Clubs need to ‘make their choice’ and – assuming relegation doesn’t loom – stick to their choice for at least 3 or 4 seasons….give the man a chance eh?

    Utd did and look where Ferguson took them?

    Ultimately it depends on finance….

    If Barnsley haven’t the money then they have to merely consolidate and look for a good cup run here and there. That’s the best they can hope for. The manager is slightly incidental assuming he can keep them up and get the odd good performance in the cup.

    Who’d be a manager of a ‘little’ club eh?

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