i know, it’s been a while. sorry. been otherwise engaged. anyhoo. NEWS!

dual celebrations.


the drunk punk has passed his 3rd part of his driving examiners er, exam, and is now a green badge holder. well chuffed for him. i know how much time, effort and other stuff he has ploughed into this venture. and it has come up rosy for him. so we’re celebrating. and what better way, then for him to accompany me to my old mucka Shoeshine and Vespa’s wedding?

this is Vespa.


this is Shoe.


i am the best man! ME! i know, how cool is that?

they are getting married in Sunderland and having the reception at Shildon Scooter Rally.

i’m already packed.


it’s gonna be one heck of a party!




7 responses to “ROAD TRIP!

  1. Here we go here we go here we go!….Here we go here we go here we goooooo!…….Oh dear…Makem land…..last time I was there…around 15…I got mullahed…still…I was pissed so I didn’t really notice…until the following morning…..’Where the fuck did that balck eye come from????’….well…Oldham had been there….NUFF said!…;-)

    See yer Friday around 2pm (ish)

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