how would you like to be able to listen to a live show on Friday Saturday and Sunday?

well now you can.
we have two new DJ’s starting soon.

first up is RICH.

if you listen to Barnsley Sime’s Sunday Social you will have heard Rich when he sat in for the first Sunday of Sime’s holiday. and he was hooked! so we have talked and he has offered to do a show on Saturdays. so, from 27th August tune in at 8pm for the Saturday Soundsystem…. as Rich says “it’ll be loads of ska but other stuff too” starting at 8 and “finishing before Match Of The Day Starts”.

next up is JIM and his show “An Alternative Friday Night”.

Jim is a bit shy and we have no picture of him yet……

guess when that is? yup. not yet every week, but if Jim is like the rest of us, the draw may prove too strong. Jim has an absolutely cracking taste in music and will be playing whatever comes into his head. we’ve not sorted a start date yet for Jim, or definite times but as soon as the fine points are worked out we’ll let you know.

also September sees the return of The Drunk Punk shows. these will be on Sundays from 6pm to 8pm, just before Sime hits the air for four hours of requests, chat and all the rest of it. of course all the new shows will be recorded and put on the site as podcasts with links to downloadable versions, but it’d be great if you could tune in and listen live. i hope you join me in wishing the lads all the best and welcome them to the SFR family


Barnsley Sime.

p.s. also in talks with two other dj’s… watch this space.



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