not me. this was a comment made to me by an aging rocker during a conversation at work. a conversation about genesis, peter gabriel and phil collins.
the radio was on, “turn it on” was playing.
“i’ll never forgive peter gabriel” said the purple lensed glasses/denim jeans/denim shirt/leather coat/cowboy boot/dangly earing wearing type.
“for leaving?” i posited
“not that as such, more that he made collins believe he could sing!”
ha ha. funny man.
“i’ll admit when i saw them in 1990, collins came across as some sort of panto entertainer” i admitted.
and this is where we get to the crux of the tale…….
“i went to a posh school, my friends were all middle class and said ‘lets go see genesis’ so we did. didn’t really do it for me…… but two months later when i saw led zepplin……. now THAT was something else”
“………….” was all i could utter. 
and off he trotted. with me hating him more than i ever could before. 


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