“doing a good job around here is like pissing yourself in a dark suit. you get a nice warm feeling, but nobody notices”.

no idea who first said this, but boy is it true.

i’m sick of my job. pure and simple. i am thankful i HAVE a job, and consider myself lucky i have been in the employ of the same form for coming up to 25 years now. but there comes a time when you feel enough is enough. and i feel that.
this won’t come as a shock to the enemy. she knows exactly how i feel. but then what. what can i do? after quarter of a century of doing one thing what can i do? i know what i’d like to do. but thats not gonna pay the bills.
thing with this place. its not just the job. its the people. when you are constantly biting your tongue for fear of saying the wrong thing, to people you don’t hate as such but are sick of hearing the same tired old stories from years ago, then its time to think.
so in the meantime i am going to plod on, in my damp, dark suit.


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