so it seems a large supermarket has problems with its burgers.
or so the banner headlines in the papers proclaimed.
stop and think people. its not the shops that are to blame or at fault here. they buy their burgers in vast quantities from suppliers. they don’t have things being made out the back you know! and these suppliers are the one fingers need pointing at (if any need pointing at all) bit that won’t sell papers will it? when the mirror/mail et al  scream HORSE MEAT FOUND IN BURGERS it sells better than MEAT SUPPLIER FRED DOBBS PUTS HORSE IN WITH BEEF.
and why all the fuss? just because in this country we see horses as pets then we also deem them unedible? same with cats and dogs. we turn our noses up at the thought of people in asia dining on them. why? they don’t see them as domestc animals. they see them as food. why are we right and they wrong?
i for one have tasted horse. and i liked it.
and if it meant being fed or starving i would eat dog.

get a grip. its only meat. it’ll be summat else tomorrow.



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