my last post said that i was going to start to blog more frequently again. that was in april. kept my word there didn’t i?

well i have decided that i am going to start to keep a journal of sorts on the H2G2 website

nothing deep. just a sentence or two each day.

but what i write will be posted here first* just in case i feel like adding photos.

here is what i have written so far. as i say, don’t expect works of literary genius. just me and my thoughts.


got threatened again at the paying job tonight. happens regularly. too regularly to be honest. but what does one do to stop it? part of the job. back tonight for probably more of he same.

shops huh? a crazy world….


the person i identify with in this life is Rob McKenna**. i can sit at work, looking through the windows all night and the sky’s are clear, it is dry and calm. then at 5 to 7 all hell breaks loose, the heavens open and a gale starts up. just in time for my 12.5 mile ride home. get home, the clouds clear, the sun comes out and the wind stops. but i can assure you, by the time i get up to go back to work, the tempest doth return. i am a secondary rain god. mr mckenna, i salute you.


as you may have read in my bio, i dj. i do a show on a wednesday morning 10am-12pm. you can hear it here. http://www.mixlr.com/sfr you can visit our website here: http://www.sfrstudios.com be nice if you can listen and join in.


see, what did i tell you? just about to go to bed and out comes the bloody sun!

in other news, done the radio thing this morning. 2 hours of punk type stuff. no chat this week, busy with preparations for dj job live at Scooter & Ska Rally at Santa Pod a week on friday.

if you want to listen, pop here: http://www.mixlr.com/showreel where it will appear asap. ttfn


the three men i admire most and have influenced my life.


Paul Weller

Douglas Adams.

the three constants.

*also may be more in depth here than on there, ion fact the chances are i may just say pot it and use this place for the journal instead. watch this space. **Rob McKenna is a character that Arthur Dent meets in the Fourth instalment of the Hitchhikers Trilogy “So Long And Thanks For All The Fish”


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