TO BE SOMEONE (aka you gotta prole a bit)


i am working class. proud to be so.

i vote Labour. always have.

been employed 27 years by the same company.

i took my dads advice and joined the union straight away.

i have even been a union rep.

like many more i rejoined the Labour party the morning after the last general election after a 15 or so year lapse.

i HATE folks that think its a fashion statement to be/do any of the above.

i DO believe it is possible to be successful and adhere to socialist principles. income doesn’t decide decency and beliefs. it is where you are from, not where you are at. but people playing with such things winds me up no end.

i was going to tell tales of a certain individual’s comments here, relay you some of his toe curling quotes as he tries to prove that he is a man of the people, “one of us”, and not dick that he always comes across as. but instead i have decided not to. i have a blood pressure test this morning, i need to remain calm, and anyway…. dirty laundry is for the washing machine, not public forums. i have known him for a long time now, and the problem is, just when i start to think he ISN’T a dick, he does or says something to prove otherwise.

suffice to say, i have spent the best part of tonight with my tonge firmly clamped between my teeth, desperately trying to NOT lose my cool and tell him just where to go.

doesn’t help that the Lefty in me has been brought back to life lately, partly down to the election, partly down to a growing friendship with the members of The Hurriers, a local Socialist punk/indie/rock band from my home town.

i was lucky enough to be asked to dj their album launch just over a month ago, which also introduced me to Quiet Loner (Matt Hill), John Langford (and his Men Of Gwent) and Bob Ore a writer at the Morning Star. the lead up to this event, less than a week before the election hds my mind starting to work again. i cannot explain just why i have not been so political, but i have fallen back into it with a bit of a vengence.

the t-shirt above is one that is worn with pride. the battle that the Orgreave Truth and Justice appeal is facing is as hard amd worthy now as it has ever been if not more so after fridays IPCC decision to NOT hold an inquiry into the police actions 30 years ago. it was the sunday just gone when that photo was taken, on my way home from dj-ing at a scooter rally. The Enemy decided she wanted coffee, i needed a wee. that snap was just a minute or so after a well to-do gentleman had sneered at it as i walked towards the toilets. yet something else to convince me that this fight and many more are not at an end.

the struggle goes on.

the people united will never be defeated.

anyhoo….. thay was all a bit of a vent. a self therapy session of sorts.

felt good. i think the blogger in me is about to spring into life again too.

that is all.

for now.



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