ok…. so the facts are i am overweight. VERY overweight.

seems it’s not just food though. i am diabetic. found this out at the back of last year, and it came as no suprise, but still a bit of a shock.

as such i have seen a plethora of experts, including a dietitian. hence my appearance on My Fitness Pal.

Jenny, foR it is she, suggested i start to use MFP to track my diet, and it is working, or i hope it is. when i was first diagnosed with type 2 i was put on a strict diet, which i followed religiously. the weight started to fall off me and i became slightly OCD about tracking and recording what i was eating. it helped. what didn’t help was the first dietitian i saw changing my diet completely. this saw me gaining weight and losing all confidence in what i was hoping to achieve.luckily i then saw Jenny, and she has put me back on the right track, and as i say, introduced me to MFP which i have now been using for just under a week. i am back in a happy place food wise, and i THINK it is starting to show signs of progress.

had a couple of “whoops” moments this week, but it is early days again, so…. watch this space.


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