“join the union, ALWAYS be in a union”. my Dad 28 years ago.

after leaving tesco i left USDAW. within days i had joined Unite. had to. i don’t feel safe not being in a union. i have become increasingly political in the last couple of years. always had that part of me, but more so of late.


now this has led to me being pretty fortunate enough to get to help out at some rather special events, none more so that the We Shall Overcome and Festival Of Solidarity events in Barnsley.


it is because of these and my dj slot at The Hurriers album launch that led Bob Oram of The Morning Star to name me his “DJ OF TheYear” last year, which in turn enabled me to blag myself onto the bill for Morning Star’s 50th Anniversary gig at londons famous 1oo Club. (time restraints meant i never actually got to play owt, but that’s the way it goes somnetimes with these things) on stage that night, amongst others, Joe Solo, Grace Petrie, Thee Faction and the aforementioned Hurriers.


then came the leadership election. and Jezzas victory. sorry, SECOND victory. of course, we all knew it was a foregone conclusion, so a party was organised and yours truly was asked to partake. this i couldn’t resist! so the Socialist Stomp became a thing.


organised by those wonderful folks at Momentum i was joined on the decks by

Joe Hill2016-09-24-19-39-15

Tony Peter Wright

2016-09-24 20.52.55.jpg

Ian “Megs” Horton


not sure how Hicksy got himself in this shot….


nowt better than like minded folks getting together and appreciating what you are spinning.


hoping we may be able to have a few more of these….. watch this space.



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